May 13, 2010

Chrishan goes Hollywood!


After releasing his debut album via Itunes about 6 months ago... Chrishan has been working on some newer material, specifically this leaked track "Hollywood". After hearing the past few songs that have leaked by Chrishan, it seems like he is pushing this "Futuristic" sound which complements his voice, as well as his flow. "Hollywood" is definitely a summer song with an eclectic feel and a catchy chorus. Hopefully Chrishan is working towards getting signed to a major record label and releasing his second LP, because this guy is going to be the future of R&B/Pop!

Download --->

Tyga - G Shit ft. Chris Brown


I know I know... we've been on a hiatus for 2 years now :/... but we are finally back people! you can now follow our blog via google and get updates on the newest R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop music! everyday we will post new songs like before and leave reviews! I hope our old followers return and we are excited for new followers as well!

February 5, 2009

Comeback or Not?!!!

Me and bee were wondering if any of our blogger fans wanted us to start back up our blog again. So even if it's 20 people just leave a comment thx!!!

September 6, 2008

*NeW eXcLuSiVe* - Lyric *Voice*- LP

Check out this exclusive album called "Voice" by the Hip-Hop/R&B group known as Lyric. This is there 1st official LP and will only be released for digital download online. Check it out here first!...

"Voice" Tracklist
1. Voice (Intro)
2. I Like it
3. Method to my Madness
4. Main Attraction ft. Mario Barrett
5. Leavin' me Comatose
6. Hit me up
7. Picture This
8. Flash Forward
9. Hustle
10. Parkin' Lot Pimpin'
11. Cry
12. Silent Skies
13. It is What it is
14. In her top 8
15. Rayshon
16. All I Need
17. I Wish


Some New Music For A Fine Saturday!!!

September 4, 2008

Usher Concerts/Tours...

Straight from the Associated Press...
Usher will be having a tour for LADIES ONLY at 15 "intimate" venues.

Asked why he wanted to perform a "ladies only" tour, Usher said he relishes the challenge."There's only a few artists that can pull that off," said the 29-year-old singer. "I feel like I've had such a connection with my audience. This album, I felt like, was definitely the type of one that was more intimate. So what better way to get up close and personal than to make it all women?"

To go with the theme, Usher is also planning his own line of lingerie and men's undergarments. He already has a fragrance and cologne.

Usher is currently working on a video for his new single Trading Places.

Hmmm... Well, we're going to have to get a press pass or dress up as ladies... because we're going, ha! At leasthe'smaking the video for "Trading Places"!!!

New Musiccc

Johnta Austin
"Baby Tell Me The Way" PRODUCED BY B. COX
"Second Thought"

Claude Kelly

Literally, just a quick post of Claude Kelly's new track "Victory"... We give it an 8.2/10.0... Download it... I think there will be a mastered version out soon...

LL Cool J Ft. Ryan Leslie

New music from LL featuring Ryan Leslie: "Like a Radio". Spectacular beat(Wonder if its made by RL???). LL's verses are regular LL... not bad. He spits his non-shalant style throughout the entire track and allows RL to sing the catchy chorus... This song recieves a 8.5/10.0. The only thing I, personally, wouldhave done different is... Give Ryan Leslie his own verse or at least a decent size hook/bridge.


Sorry it has been so long since we have updated... Ryan & I recently started college, and had to get use to the transition... We'll be back posting, again. Thanks for staying tuned.

Brendon & Ryan

August 22, 2008

Mario Barrett - Love Or Lust (LP)

This is an Randb's music choice exclusive people! "Love or Lust" (LP) is a compilation of Mario Barrett's recent songs from 2008. This could very well be his fourth album, or have some songs on it that could make the final cut. Anyways... I hope you enjoy!

Mario Barrett - "Love or Lust"

1. Love or Lust
2. Me and My Girl
3. Green Light
4. I Choose You
5. Break Somethin'
6. Hello
7. Stuttering
8. Crazy Kind of Love
9. Don't Do It
10. Do For Love
11. Better Man
12. Step Out
13. My Story
14. Promise Land


August 14, 2008

Omarion's hair gets cut off!!!

Omarion has a new look--- and it's siccck! He looks sleek, new, fresh, and clean! Can't wait for the new album.(((He and Trey Songz both recently cut the braids off)))

CB's "Glow in the Dark"

New CB song, "Glow in the Dark"!!! We don't know if its NEW or if it didn't make 'EXCLUSIVE'. We hope its NEW because it is AMAZINGGG. Props to Christopher!!! That's all we gutta say about this track---it's a Killa. 9.8/10.0

"Glow in the Dark"
What do you think???

August 7, 2008

RC (of Lyric) - Forever (Chris Brown Cover)

Brand new material from the group Lyric (RC)... except this time a cover of Chris brown's hit single "Forever". Hope you enjoy! and be on the lookout for Lyric's newest LP which will be released late Summer!

RC (of Lyric)-
"Forever" (Chris Brown Cover)

August 6, 2008

Omarion - Vroom

That's right people Omarion is back with another hit slow jam called "Vroom". A couple months ago Omarion was dropped from his record label and recently has signed with Timbaland's new record label. I'm really looking forward to O's 3rd studio recorded album... it should be a good one! We rate this song a 9.5/10.0 hope you enjoy! and don't forget to vote on our new poll... thx.

Omarion - "Vroom"

July 23, 2008

Mic Little Interview

RandBsmusicChoice will have the honor and priveledge to interview the newest R&B/Urban singer Mic Little! The interview will be going down very soon, so make sure to check back for it in about 2 weeks or so. Keep it locked... Give us some Q's to ask him, or comments! He's the teenager who had the hit "Put It In A Letter" Ft. Ne-Yo last year!!! We'll talk to him about his new album, future endeavours, concerts, personal stuff, and more!!!

What do YOU want us to ask him? What are YOUR Q's?!

Mario: "Promise Land"

A new Mario song has appeared all over the net titled "Promise Land". It's coming from his new studio album due out later this year/beginning of 2009. He is AMAZING on the track... His voice is literally on-key. He hits all the notes he's suppose to and more... He goes very high pitch, the hook is crazy, and the verses are rich. Hopefully his new album will get a lot of attention, sell a lot of records, and push Mario back to the tip-top of R&B!!! As long as it gets more attention, push, and publicity than "Go!"... which should have been one of the best R&B albums of the year (was in our opinions...)

"Promise Land"

July 22, 2008

Usher's Supposed New Single

Usher is lining up 'His Mistakes' as the third single to be lifted from his most recent album 'Here I Stand'. The song will be serviced to radio on August 18th. If I were Usher, I think I would have chose "Trading Places" as the next single... It's more Summer-Fall ish. Then again, I'm not Usher... He must have something in mind.

Rihanna: "Disturbia" Video!!!

Interesting video... Very unique... Deff. like it, a lot!!! Inventive!!!

July 20, 2008

Trey Songz is "In Ya Phone"

New joint from the R&B Crooner Trey Songz... "In Ya Phone" is both catchy and a shows a new direction for his upcoming album. The song sounds a bit like a track R. Kelly may have made... in a good way! Haha. We like this hypnotizing new track from Trey. Keep the good ones comin boyyy!!!

"In Ya Phone"

July 19, 2008


Ne-Yo stated officially on his blog that his new single is titled "Miss Independent". The song is an equisite summer jam put forth by one of the best in the game. The track compliments Ne-Yo's voice, vocal arrangements, direction, and lyrics. The song also shows his new intended direction with his album. Ne-Yo penned and rocked a winner with this song... Hopefully "Miss Independent" will carry Ne-Yo to a grand amount of sales his 1st week of sales: August 5th!!!
"Miss Independent"

July 16, 2008

Marvin Winans Jr.: New Single

Marvin Winans Jr.
"You Never Let Me Down"

Besides the repetitive-ness of the chorus... the song is great. he goes a bit T-Pain on us... which ultimately gets the song absolutely STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. I love the song... it's totally made for the radio and for remixes-galore. Deff. check the song out & leave your comment(s)!!!